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Tornado Preparedness & Recovery


  • Determine where your Safe Room is.  A Safe Room can be a bathroom with no windows or an interior closet.  Make sure to go into your Safe Room when you learn of a Tornado Warning.
    • Please ensure you have a bike helmet or headgear in your Safe Room to protect your head from flying debris.
  • A NOAA weather radio should be part of your Disaster Supply Kit. Set notifications to receive Tornado Watches and Warnings.
  • Keep contact information of family/friends/loved ones that you can call or text to check on/have them check on you.
  • Do you have basic supplies for at least 72 hours? Supplies include:
    • 3 day supply of water (one gallon per person per day)
    • All current prescription medications (oxygen tank for those who need it)
    • First aid kit (make sure to have antiseptic cleansers)
    • Food that won’t spoil and a can opener
    • Battery-powered weather radio, extra batteries
    • Flashlight
    • One change of clothing and footwear per person
    • One blanket or sleeping bag per person
    • Extra set of car keys
    • Cash or credit card
    • Special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members
    • Written instructions on how to turn off electricity, gas and water, if authorities advise
    • Copies of your important documents & papers
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged at all times.


  • Take your garbage/debris to the curb so that it may be picked up. Try and separate trash in vegetative, C&D, or white good piles.
  • Follow @OSCEOLAEOC for Essential Services Center locations.
  • Listen to local news media outlets for updated information.
  • Keep away from downed power lines and report them to your utility company.
  • Watch for snakes or other animals that have been forced into your home by rising waters or flooding. Leave immediately if you smell fumes or gas, and notify emergency personnel.
  • If your home has not been damaged, keep children and pets inside, away from any damage or debris outside. If you must take your pets outside, keep them on a leash to prevent them from running away and being injured by debris.
  • If your home is without power, use battery-powered flashlights and lanterns rather than candles to prevent accidental fires.
  • Cooperate fully with local public safety officials.
  • If you suspect any damage to your home, shut off electrical power, natural gas and propane tanks to avoid fire, electrocution or explosions.
  • If you see frayed electrical wiring or sparks, or smell something burning, shut off your home's electrical system at the main circuit breaker, if you have not done so already.

Throughout preparedness & recovery, follow the Osceola County Emergency Management Office on Facebook and Twitter @OSCEOLAEOC for live updates.