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Human Resources

Human Resources main function is to limit liability for the County as it pertains to employee liability by insuring that managers and employees are following the rules and regulations established by the Board and government laws. We are trusted partners to county executive leaders, offering advice and strategic planning for the future. We are at the forefront of the efforts to plan for the future of our workforce. Our goal is to efficiently and effectively provide human resource services that are valued by the Osceola County community. We have redesigned key HR processes and implemented new technology to improve our timeliness and service. We are investing in new strategic functions that will provide expanded professional development opportunities, increase access to service, improve quality, and make Osceola County Board of County Commissioners a better place to work.

This is where you will find all Osceola County job vacancies posted, as well as the online application to fill out if you are interested in working for Osceola County. This online job application is available for anyone applying for positions under the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners. Previously known as the JobApp or Job App.


Humana Medicare Employer Plan Presentation - Dec 5 2017
Dec 20, 2017

Osceola County retirees have until the end of December to make their choices on their Medicare Plan. This video offers helpful information to make those choices.

Preparing for Retirement with Social Security
Aug 24, 2015

Here is a video of the Social Security Workshop provided by ICMA-RC held on Tuesday, August 18, 2015.

Nearing Retirement in the FRS - Presentation
May 6, 2015

This presentation is for Osceola County employees who are contemplating retirement. The video is about an hour and a half in duration, and gives important information on what an employee should consider when planning for retirement in the not too distant future.