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Administrative Policies

The County has a number of official documents that codify its governance. The information below is intended to provide you, the citizen, with the knowledge of how your County government works.

Administrative Code

The Osceola County Administrative Code is the administrative policies framework that outlines how the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners operates.


The Code of Ordinances is a collection of laws and ordinances passed by the County government. These ordinances can deal with public safety, health, zoning, and other municipal laws.

Website Terms of Use

The Terms of Use for and its associated websites, lays forth acceptable uses of the Board of County Commissioners website, liability terms, jurisdictional issues, and other related information.

County Charter

The County Charter acts as a “mini-Constitution” and defines the powers, duties, and overall structure of the County government.

Public Records Requests

According to state law, all state, county, and municipal non-exempt records are open for personal inspection and copying by any person. The Public Records Request Policy outlines means and fees associated with making a request.