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Processing Applications

Step 1: Submit an Application

The first step to getting a building permit is to complete an application form. You may apply online using our Permit Center website, or you may download paper applications and submit hard copies. 

Download Paper Forms

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The information you provide on your application and associated documents will become a permanent record of that permit. It is vitally important that the following information is accurate:

  • Address
  • Parcel
  • Owner and contractor information
  • Building Plans
  • Product Specifications

Once your application is approved you will be given a permit number for tracking. When you call or make inquiries online, please provide your permit number.

Some simple permits (such as residential fences, mechanical change-out, re-roofing) may be issued over the counter at the time we receive your application. More intensive projects that require multiple department approvals will take longer to process.

Step 2: Submit Plans and Specs

Once your application has been approved you may submit building plans & spec sheets for review. You can submit paper sheets or you can upload online. 

Paper Submission

  • Include a cover sheet that lists the permit number, construction address, and your contact information.
  • Each plan sheet must be signed & sealed by the design professional. We cannot accept printed versions of digitally certified signatures.
  • Submit only one (1) set of plans & specs. We no longer require 3 copies. 
  • Drop off or mail your hardcopies to: Permitting Dept, 1 Courthouse Sq, Suite 1400, Kissimmee, FL 34741. 

Digital Submission

Please read our online submission requirements here. If you submit digitally please do not submit a paper set to our office as well. 

Step 3: The Review Process

After we've received your full submission our departments will conduct their review. You will receive automatic email notifications if your email was used to initiate the application. Otherwise you can monitor your permit status using these steps.